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Businessman’s Casino Criminal Trespass Charged Dismissed

Realizing that he potentially had an issue with gambling, a gentleman in his late 30s signed himself on to the Casino exclusion list. That meant that he could not enter the casino, and if he did, he could be criminally charged. The paperwork is lengthy and confusing. After a period of time, the gentleman started receiving advertisements from the casino advising him of comps that the casino was offering. The gentleman was confused and thinking that there was a time limit to the exclusion list, went to the Columbus casino. Upon entering the casino, he was stopped by casino personnel and questioned. After being questioned, he was charged with criminal trespass. His case was then scheduled for arraignment in Franklin County Municipal Court.

Needless to say, the gentleman was quite confused. He was also quite concerned. He did not want any type of criminal charge on his record. He was invited to the casino, by the casino and then charged with criminal trespass. It simply did not add up. It was under the circumstances that he reached out to attorney Ben Luftman. After speaking with attorney Luftman, the Columbus Criminal Defense team was hired to get the criminal trespass charge dismissed.

Attorney Luftman and attorney Dan Sabol represented the businessman on his case. On our client’s jury trial date, after 4 previous court dates, the prosecutor conferred with a representative from the Ohio Casino Control Gaming Commission who was subpoenaed to be at court. After speaking with agent and prior to trial, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the criminal trespass case in exchange for our client’s agreement to pay court costs. He was happy to do so.

The dismissal and the subsequent expungement or sealing of his record will completely remove this unfortunate incident from his criminal background and once again give him a clean slate.

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