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Weapons Crimes

Hand gun sitting on paper in open drawer July 6th, 2021

Arrested with a Gun in Columbus, Ohio?

Categories: Weapons Crimes

If you’re arrested for a firearms-related crime in Columbus, you should seek legal help. Sentences vary widely, but gun convictions leave a lasting stigma. Depending on the charge, you could be looking at jail time or permanently losing your right to own a firearm. You…

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Gavel and gun February 27th, 2021

Can an Ohio OVI Hurt Your Gun Rights?

Categories: DUI, OVI, Weapons Crimes

Getting arrested for driving under the influence in Columbus, Ohio, impacts virtually every aspect of your life. You’ll need to deal with possible jail time, the loss of your license, considerable costs, and just when you think it’s over, your OVI could complicate your job…

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man signing document in front of gavel January 13th, 2020

Columbus, Ohio Gun Crimes & Penalties

Categories: Criminal Defense, Weapons Crimes

If you are charged with a Columbus, Ohio gun crime, you are probably aware of how complicated these cases can become. There are very specific definitions involving unlawful possession, usage, and related firearm offenses. Also, depending on the details, felony or misdemeanor charges may apply….

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