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Drug Possession Charges Resolved for Restaurateur

A manager in the restaurant business found himself in a tough spot recently. He was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and drug possession. His case was scheduled in Franklin County Municipal Court.

A conviction on either the possession of drug paraphernalia or drug possession would leave a drug conviction on his record. He also faced a driver’s license suspension of anywhere from 6 months to 5 years. There was no guarantee of restricted driving privileges either. Not being able to drive to the two restaurants he manages was out of the question.

Through a referral, this gentleman contacted attorney Ben Luftman. After speaking with Attorney Luftman, the Columbus Criminal Defense team was hired to represent the gentleman on the case and to try and help him avoid a conviction and license suspension.

Attorney Luftman and Attorney Dan Sabol represented the client and ultimately, Attorney Sabol was able to negotiate a resolution where our client paid a $150 bond to the court and resolved his case. This bond forfeiture resolution accomplished our client’s goals in that it is not a conviction and did not carry a license suspension.

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