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Felony Forgery Charge Reduced

A young nurse got caught up in a very unfortunate situation. She began working with a couple of other nurses who were privately caring for a patient. The other nurses were receiving money for work they were not providing. Though the youngest nurse did not receive any of the money she did sign off on paperwork that she should not have. She was charged with felony Medicaid fraud and felony forgery.

The young nurse was distraught upon finding out about her fraud and felony forgery charges. She had a career ahead of her that could be ruined — and all for naively following directions. She needed to try and make the best of these very bad circumstances. After speaking with a local Columbus attorney, she was referred to attorney Dan Sabol.

Attorney Sabol represented the young nurse on her case. After multiple court dates, attorney Sabol was able to negotiate a resolution where the Medicaid fraud charge was dismissed. The felony forgery charge was then reduced to a misdemeanor offense. The judge sentenced the nurse to pay a fine and no probation. This is extremely beneficial in that attorney Sabol will return to the court in one year and file a motion to seal or expunge the young nurse’s record. This case will then be permanently removed from her criminal background.

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