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Marijuana Possession Charges Dismissed In Delaware County

During a traffic stop for expired tags, police officers in Delaware County noticed some marijuana in a young man’s car; therefore, charged him with marijuana possession. This young man wanted to avoid having a drug conviction tarnishing his record, which would disqualify him from obtaining financial aid for college, in addition to limiting his future employment opportunities and having his driver license suspended, so he contacted Luftman, Heck & Associates for a consultation.

Attorney Chase Mallory is very familiar with handling drug cases in Delaware County and successfully negotiated on behalf of his client for his participation in a drug diversion class. After the client completes this substance abuse class and refrains from using illegal substances for 12 months, the marijuana possession charge will be dismissed and he can file for an expungement to remove the incident from his record. In the end, the young client was relieved to move past this unfortunate episode without a drug conviction, the restriction of a license suspension, and is free to file for federal financial aid when he is ready to enroll in school.

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