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Married Man Charged With Solicitation Will See Dismissal

Recently, a married man with children ran into an embarrassing and legally compromising position after attempting to arrange a meeting with an online escort through a back page posting. In reality, the encounter was a police sting operation and the man was charged with solicitation, which is a first-degree misdemeanor. With no prior criminal history, the man was obviously very concerned with the potential fallout to his career from having a criminal conviction on his record, but perhaps even more so, he was worried about his family learning about his indiscretion. With the goal of avoiding these repercussions in mind, he retained Luftman, Heck & Associates for experienced legal representation.

Criminal defense attorney Chase Mallory understood his client’s fears and immediately began handling the case in the most discreet manner possible. Attorney Mallory was able to change his client’s mailing address with the court so no legal documentation or court notices would be sent to his home. Additionally, Mallory was able to appear in court without his client, which limited his exposure and successfully arranged to enroll him in a diversion program aimed at educating offenders charged with solicitation about the dangers of prostitution, often referred to as “John School.” After this condition is met, the prosecution agreed to dismiss the solicitation charge, which after a year will be eligible for expungement. The client was very pleased to privately handle this matter, saving his criminal record and reputation from unnecessary harm.

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