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Misdemeanor Drug Abuse Charge Reduced

A young student, who had too much to drink, was throwing snowballs at passing cars off campus at OSU. Unfortunately, one of the cars he hit was a Columbus Police Department cruiser, which then stopped. After speaking with the young student and verifying his age, the officer charged the student with underage possession of alcohol. After patting the young man down, the officer found marijuana in his pocket. The young student was then additionally charged with misdemeanor drug abuse.

What started out as some innocent drunk fun had turned into a situation where the young man could lose his federal financial aid and be forced to withdraw from the university if he was convicted of misdemeanor drug abuse. He was understandably extremely concerned, as was his family, who did not live in Columbus. The young student reached out to attorney Ben Luftman. After speaking with attorney Luftman, the young man’s father spoke with attorney Luftman as well. The Columbus Criminal Defense team was then hired to represent the student on his case.

Attorney Luftman and attorney Dan Sabol represented the young man on his case. Ultimately, attorney Sabol was able to negotiate a resolution where the underage possession of alcohol charge was dismissed and the misdemeanor drug abuse charge was amended to a lesser disorderly conduct charge. This resolution allowed our client to keep his financial aid and remain enrolled at the university. When he is eligible, an expungement motion will be filed on his behalf. If granted, the record of the case will be completely removed from his criminal background.

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