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November 1st Case Results

A variety of different case types make up today’s case results. From Theft, to Operating under the Influence, to Domestic Violence and Assault, our Ohio criminal defense lawyers were able to secure positive outcomes for each case.

Our first client was a student charged with Theft. Being convicted would have meant severe trouble finding a job in an economy that’s already tough for job seekers. After all was said and done, though, we managed to get their case dismissed.

A businessperson charged with “high test” OVI / DUI was our second client; this wasn’t their first OVI / DUI, either. “High test” means that they blew above a 0.17 blood alcohol concentration on the breath test (the minimum to be charged is 0.08). A conviction would have meant significant mandatory jail time and job loss, but we were able to avoid both by reducing it to a lesser OVI offense.

Our final client was charged with Domestic Violence and Assault; if convicted, they could have lost their current job and had a very difficult time finding another one. We were able to get their offense reduced to a lesser one that was nonviolent and carried no jail time or prospects of unemployment.

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