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Nurse Protects Career with OVI Reduction

In Franklin County, Ohio a woman working as a nurse recently found herself in serious legal trouble when she was pulled over by police, who after detecting alcohol, administered a breathalyzer test to determine if she was driving under the influence. The woman complied with their request and after the results showed her BAC as .134, she was arrested and charged with OVI. In Ohio, as in many other states, the penalties for an OVI are severe and can include possible jail time, costly fines, and the loss of driving privileges. While she was obviously concerned with these ramifications, the woman also needed to contend with the fact that an OVI conviction would be disastrous to her nursing career. In an effort to protect her rights and perhaps more critically, her livelihood, the woman sought the advice of an experienced Franklin County OVI defense attorney with Luftman, Heck & Associates.

After an initial meeting with OVI attorney Dan Sabol, it was clear that ending the woman’s career based on this incident would be inappropriate; therefore, he took the woman’s OVI case. Upon review of the available evidence, her Franklin County OVI defense attorney began filing motions to suppress the evidence collected by police. Attorney Sabol’s motion suggested that the breathalyzer used by the officers was not properly cared for, nor was it calibrated, possibly causing inaccurate results. When the prosecution reviewed these finding, attorney Sabol effectively negotiated to have the woman’s BAC excluded, which allowed the OVI charge to be amended to the much less serious offense of reckless operation of a vehicle. This infraction does require his client’s participation in a three-day driver intervention program and would add 4 points to her license, but since it is a non-alcohol related conviction, she will not lose her ability to drive and because she won’t have an OVI conviction on her record, she won’t face any negative consequences regarding her employment, which was her primary goal.

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