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Nursing Student’s Theft Charge Dismissed

A nursing student, with no prior criminal record had a very serious lapse in judgment. While shopping at a local mall, she decided to try and steal some clothing items. Prior to leaving the store, she was stopped by loss prevention, who then asked her to accompany them an office in the back. She was accused of attempting to take the clothes and confessed. She was then charged with theft and released.

The charges rightly terrified this young lady. Trying to pursue a nursing job with a theft conviction would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. A theft conviction is a red flag for untrustworthiness and that does not work well in the nursing profession. This uncharacteristic lapse in judgment could possibly mean this aspiring nurse’s career was over before it ever began.

Knowing what was at stake; the nursing student researched her options and found the Columbus Criminal Defense team. Attorney Dan Sabol represented her on the case and negotiated a dismissal of her case.

The result to her could be a life changer. The record of the case will be sealed or expunged and removed from her criminal background. She will legally have a clean slate. This result will no doubt help her tremendously in her search for future employment. This experience no doubt impacted her life and taught her an incredible lesson.

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