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October 31st Case Results

Today’s case results involve a number of OVI / DUI cases, both minor and serious. In all of them, though, the same basic things were at stake: future job prospects, driving privileges and the threat of big fines or jail time. Read on to find out what happened.

Our first client was charged with an OVI, which we managed to reduce down to Reckless Operation. Often, we’re able to negotiate for lesser offenses if there are issues with the evidence in a case.

A conviction for this client could have made getting a job in the future that much more difficult, but thanks to their reduced conviction, they didn’t have to worry.

The next client we defended was a businessperson with previous OVI convictions who was charged with another one. This conviction would have carried significant mandatory jail time, mandatory “party plates” and a lengthy license suspension, but we managed to reduce it to a lesser OVI offense and save them the trouble.

For our final client, getting a positive outcome in his OVI case meant not just avoiding harsh penalties but also avoiding significant embarrassment. Like the first client’s, their case was reduced to Reckless Operation, which let them both save face and keep driving.

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