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Ohio University Student Avoids Conviction For Theft Charges

In Athens, Ohio a senior education major at Ohio University found herself in significant legal trouble after she was charged with theft when she was accused of shoplifting at a local superstore. Her legal troubles were further complicated by a prior history of theft charges in Licking County, OH. Apparently, she was previously charged with shoplifting, but the offense was eventually dismissed. Despite this dismissal, when she returned to the store in question, she was charged with, and convicted of criminal trespassing with the stipulation that she would become eligible for an expungement if she avoids any subsequent convictions. Essentially, if her current theft charges resulted in a conviction, both charges would appear on her permanent criminal record. She knew that a lot was on the line for her because upon graduation, regardless of being a great student with a 4.0 average, she would have a difficult time getting a teaching position with theft and criminal trespassing convictions appearing anytime a potential employer ran a background check. In order to find the best possible outcome for her case, she began looking for legal counsel to help and chose the Ohio defense attorneys at Luftman, Heck & Associates.

Attorney Chase Mallory took the young woman’s case and attempted to discuss alternative penalties for her theft charges with the prosecutor, who was not initially open to negotiations. Using his comprehensive experience, attorney Mallory arranged with the court for his client to participate in a newly established diversion program for theft charges. Under Chase Mallory’s legal direction, the most recent charge will result in a dismissal and an eventual expungement, which will allow for the removal of her previous trespassing offense. With this resolution, the young woman will be able to finish school without either conviction hindering her future job search.

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