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Second Ohio OVI Reduced For Man After St. Patrick’s Day

After visiting Columbus for St. Patrick’s Day, a man was on his way home after the festivities but was pulled over when other drivers reported what they thought was impaired driving. When officers recorded a .170 BAC they charged him with his second Ohio OVI offense in two years. The man was understandably nervous about the repercussions that another OVI would create, especially since if convicted of a second OVI, he’d face a minimum of 20 days in jail in addition to a one-year license suspension with a required ignition interlock device or restrictive license plates as part of any driving privileges. Obviously, he wanted to avoid any significant incarceration in addition to these other consequences, so he retained the veteran OVI defense attorney Dan Sabol with Luftman, Heck & Associates.

Attorney Sabol fervently worked to reduce the consequences for his client and began negotiating with the prosecutor. By challenging the legality of the initial stop and the evidence collected by the police, attorney Sabol was able to effectively convince the prosecutor to reduce the second OVI to a first OVI offense. As a result, the client would not need to spend any time in jail and after participating in a three-day driving class, he would only need to serve a 6-month license suspension without any interlock device or restrictive plate requirement. When considering the original circumstances and the potential outcome, this was an outstanding result for this client that may not have been possible if not for attorney Dan Sabol’s legal intervention.

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