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Teacher Avoids High Test OVI / DUI Conviction

A teacher spent a night out on the town and had too much to drink. While attempting to drive home, she lost control of her vehicle. When the police arrived, they spoke with the young lady and detected an odor of alcohol. They then began to question whether she had been drinking and when she answered she had, they asked her to perform the roadside field sobriety tests.

Determining that she had failed the roadside field sobriety tests, the young lady was then arrested for OVI / DUI. She was then transported to Columbus Police Department and asked to take the breath test. The polite teacher complied and took the test. The result was above the .170 high concentration level. She was then charged with OVI / DUI high concentration.

If convicted, our client faced a mandatory three days in jail. Having never had anything more than a speeding ticket, this was mortifying. Additionally, if convicted, our client would have to have had the yellow plates on her vehicle. Understandably, that would not work very well pulling into to the teacher’s parking lot.

Knowing the stakes, this particular young teacher hired the Columbus Criminal Defense team to represent her on the case. OVI attorney Dan Sabol represented her on the case. Thoroughly reviewing all of the police reports and the alcohol influence report, attorney Sabol was able to point out evidentiary issues with the case. After 7 court dates, the prosecutor relented and agreed to dismiss the OVI / DUI high concentration charge.

This result allowed out client to avoid the mandatory jail time and the mandatory yellow plates on her vehicle. Our client was grateful that she would not have to suffer any more than she already.

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