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2nd Lifetime OVI/DUI Charges Dismissed

Given our experience dealing with OVI/DUI cases, the Columbus Criminal Defense team is often hired to represent clients outside of Central Ohio. Recently, we were contacted by a gentleman who found himself in a tough situation. He was out one evening and was stopped by an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper for a traffic violation while driving home.

He was asked if he had been drinking and admitted he had. He was asked to step out of his car and perform the roadside field sobriety tests and did. After performing the test, he was charged with an OVI/DUI. This was the second time in his life he had been charged. He was then asked to take a breath test and refused. The trooper then put him under an administrative license suspension and scheduled him for arraignment.

He was employed by AEP and required to drive for his job. This was not a good situation. He researched online the process of hiring an attorney. He spoke with a number of attorneys, both local and outside of his community. After speaking with attorney Ben Luftman, he hired the Columbus Criminal Defense team to represent him on the case. Attorney Luftman drove the hour and a half to attend arraignment with the client. While looking at his BMV paperwork, attorney Luftman noticed some discrepancies. He then raised issues with the court and got the gentleman’s full license returned to him at his first court date.

Attorney Dan Sabol represented the client moving forward. After reviewing the police reports and DVD, attorney Sabol found very serious evidentiary issues with the case. Through multiple negotiations with the prosecutor, attorney Sabol convinced the prosecutor to dismiss the OVI/DUI charge in exchange for our client’s agreement to plead guilty to the minor moving traffic violation. Our client could not have been more appreciative.

Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.

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