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Hiring Columbus DUI Attorneys

When you’ve been charged with OVI / DUI, your future will depend on the kind of legal representation you choose. You can represent yourself, retain the services of the public defender’s office, or you can find and hire a private criminal defense lawyer to fight on your behalf. It’s never advisable to represent yourself in a serious criminal case, and the public defender’s office may be too busy to give your case the kind of thorough review necessary to get you the best results possible.

Therefore, if you want to avoid the harsh consequences of an OVI / DUI conviction, your best bet is to hire a reputable Columbus criminal defense attorney. It goes without saying that the experience and skill of your lawyer will go a long way in getting you the results you want. The question is: how do you choose a lawyer that you can trust with your future?

Hire DUI Defense Lawyers in Columbus Who Can Protect Your Rights in Court

Lawyers are not just highly trained professionals—they’re highly focused in vastly different areas of the law. For example, a lawyer that successfully resolved an insurance claim or property dispute on your behalf is probably not the best lawyer to defend against your OVI charges. Conversely, great criminal defense lawyers are rarely authorities in divorce, bankruptcy, or contract law.

This means that when you’re facing an OVI or criminal charge, you need to find a lawyer who has significant experience working on those kinds of cases. Better yet, you should find an attorney who has defended so many OVI cases that he or she is intimately familiar with the local court, its procedures, and the tricks of the trade that can significantly advance your prospects.

There are several Columbus criminal defense lawyers who primarily handle OVI cases, and the one you choose should give you confidence in his or her ability to advocate on your behalf. Most law firms offer free initial consultations, so you should call any lawyers that catch your attention and ask them questions about their background and experience.

Below is a list of questions you should ask of any Columbus OVI / DUI defense attorney you are looking to hire to represent you on your OVI / DUI charge.

Best questions

Most people prefer an experienced attorney to represent them. This is a pretty standard first question. However, just because a person has practiced a long time, does not necessarily mean they are a better attorney.
This is a more specific question that applies to your circumstance. How much experience does this attorney have when dealing with OVI / DUI cases?
Ultimately you want an attorney who not only has represented clients on OVI / DUI cases but one who has actually litigated cases. If your case comes down to it, you want an attorney that has the ability to conduct a suppression hearing or jury trial on your behalf. If they have litigated cases in the court where you are charged, their reputation could help you in your case.
Attorneys who are serious about the practice of OVI / DUI law will go through the same training as the officer who conducted the roadside field sobriety tests on you. They will then get certified in the administration of the standardized field sobriety tests.

This training will allow them to easily dissect the standardized field sobriety tests that were conducted and look for mistakes the officer made when demonstrating and instructing the tests to you. Errors made by police officers can then be leveraged with prosecutors to try and negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf. They can also be used to weaken the state’s case in a motion hearing or trial.

If you took a breath test, it was most likely on a BAC Datamaster machine. Breath tests are difficult to exclude as evidence. Having an intimate knowledge of the BAC Datamaster machine gives your attorney a better chance to find errors with the test.

Those OVI / DUI attorneys who are serious about their craft will complete the BAC Datamaster and Basic Science of Evidential Breath Alcohol Testing course modeled after the BAC Datamaster Supervisor program.

This course enables attorneys to become intimately familiar with the inner workings of the BAC Datamaster breath test machine and how it works. This training will allow them to find potential legal issues that can then be leveraged with prosecutors to try and negotiate the best possible deal on your behalf. They can also be used to weaken the state’s case in a motion hearing or trial.

Attorneys who have developed a good reputation representing OVI / DUI clients are often asked to speak at 72 Hour Certified Driver Intervention Programs and OVI / DUI seminars. Attorneys who speak publicly about OVI / DUI law are usually very comfortable speaking and communicating with large groups of people. This comfort level can benefit you when your attorney is negotiating with a prosecutor, or speaking in front of a judge or jury on your behalf.

Who Is Columbus OVI / DUI Defense Attorney Benjamin Luftman?

Benjamin Luftman began practicing law in 2003, the same year he founded Luftman, Heck & Associates. More than a decade later and with thousands of criminal cases behind us, Luftman, Heck & Associates has grown into a reputable Columbus criminal defense firm with a proven track record of obtaining good case outcomes for our clients.

When Attorney Luftman is not advocating for his clients, he teaches both industry professionals and laypeople about the intricacies of OVI law in Ohio. From speaking about OVI / DUI law at Certified Driver Intervention programs to writing about OVI defense for national publications, Benjamin Luftman is passionate about raising awareness about how citizens can assert their rights when facing drunk driving charges.

To effectively represent clients charged with OVI, Attorney Luftman believes it’s essential to be well versed in the laws, procedures, and technologies relevant to these kinds of cases. He’s been certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to better understand how the police conduct roadside standardized field sobriety tests. He knows the ins and outs of proper chemical testing procedures. Further, he closely follows developments in Ohio OVI case law to learn about new defense strategies and trial tactics.

How Will Luftman, Heck & Associates Defend my Case?

The government and its agents are under a constitutional obligation to respect the rights of all people—not just citizens—present on American soil. A violation of a criminal suspect’s rights is not just morally wrong—it also has a practical effect on that suspect’s criminal court proceedings. At Luftman, Heck & Associates, we carefully review all of the prosecution’s evidence to determine whether the authorities trampled your rights in any way.

The prosecutor cannot use evidence that was obtained in a way that violates your rights. Without evidence to prove your guilt, the prosecutor will have trouble obtaining your conviction. Better yet, the prosecutor’s remaining evidence may be so weak that your lawyer can ask the court to dismissal your charges. Here are some examples of violations that often come up in OVI / DUI cases:

  • The arresting officer made an illegal traffic stop—The police must have a reasonable suspicion that you are committing a crime when they pull you over. If not, any evidence obtained from that traffic stop cannot be used at trial against you. If you got stopped at an OVI roadblock, it may be possible to have evidence of the stop suppressed if the roadblock was not announced in advance and did not respect NHTSA standards.
  • The police did not have probable cause—Once you get pulled over, the police need probable cause to arrest you, to compel you to submit to a chemical test, or to search your vehicle—unless you give them your consent. If your lawyer can show that the facts available to the officer did not add up to probable cause, the evidence obtained from your search, arrest, and chemical test may be excluded from the prosecution’s case.
  • The arresting officer failed to read your Miranda rights—Once you’re under arrest, the police must inform you of your rights to remain silent and to obtain a lawyer. Once you request a lawyer, the police must stop questioning you. Any statements you make while these rights are being violated cannot be used against you at trial.
  • Your blood or urine test was performed improperly—If the police legally obtain a blood or urine sample from you, and the test returns a positive for drugs or alcohol, your case still stands a chance. Strict regulations apply to how your blood or urine samples must be collected, labeled, or stored. Any deviation from proper procedure may result in the suppression of your test results.

At Luftman, Heck & Associates, we can help you confront the Ohio criminal justice system from your arrest through to your trial. By advocating for your rights and thinking strategically about your case defense, we will maximize your chances of obtaining a positive case result. If you’ve been charged with OVI, call us today at for a free and confidential consultation of your case.

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If you’ve been charged with a OVI / DUI, it’s important to know what you’re up against. If you have any questions left unanswered by this page, or if you need a competent, experienced Columbus DUI attorney to fight for you in court, please contact us at or via email at

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