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In this blog, we publish articles and stories we believe people will find useful in the areas of criminal defense and justice, OVI / DUI and other issues we think our visitors will find useful. If you have any tips or topics you would like us to write about, please feel free to suggest article topics by email us at


Prohibiting Speed Cameras in Ohio

Categories: Central Ohio, Traffic Offenses

Speed cameras may be disappearing from a town near you thanks to a recent ruling from a Cincinnati judge who declared them to be invalid and unenforceable, as they violate the due process guarantees of motorists under the Ohio Constitution. The cameras were initially installed…

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New Social Networking Site Helps Fight Crime

Categories: Central Ohio

The rise of social media has affected society at every level. Facebook and Twitter have revolutionized the way we communicate with each other. The utility and purpose of social networking is constantly evolving. A new social network called Nextdoor is taking the neighborhood watch associations…

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Social Media Impact on the Criminal Justice System

Categories: Central Ohio

The Steubenville rape trial has recently concluded. The trial that gripped the nation centered on a small-town Ohio high school party that went terribly wrong. Following a trial, two star football players were found guilty of raping a young female high school student from a…

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