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Falsification Conviction Avoided

A woman in her thirties did not have insurance on her vehicle and was pulled over for a traffic citation. After paying the ticket and not showing insurance, the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) suspended her license. She was told she could get it back by showing valid insurance to the BMV.

About to start a job, this woman could not afford to not have a license to be able to drive back and forth to work. She made a decision to try and pass off insurance she knew was not valid to the BMV. The BMV representative identified the insurance as false. This woman was subsequently charged with falsification and her case scheduled in Franklin County Municipal Court.

This woman called the Columbus Criminal Defense team desperate for help. She could not have a falsification conviction on her record, as it would make her appear untrustworthy and could lead to her being dismissed from her current position and unable to get future employment.

Attorney Ben Luftman represented her on the case. Ultimately, attorney Luftman was able to negotiate the payment of $500 to the court in the form of a bond forfeiture to resolve the case.

Most importantly, this resolution allowed our client to avoid a criminal conviction on her record. The subsequent expungement or sealing of the record of this case will ultimately allow her to put this very unfortunate situation behind her.

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