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Franklin County Municipal Court Misdemeanor Theft Charge Dismissed

A gentleman in his late 40s was shopping at a local Kohl’s store recently and found himself in a completely foreign situation. After checking out, he was stopped by loss prevention and taken back to their office. There he was accused of stealing items. He was adamant he had not taken anything purposefully. Nonetheless, he was charged with misdemeanor theft and his case was scheduled in Franklin County Municipal Court.

The gentleman was indignant. He had never had more than a traffic ticket and was now charged with a first degree misdemeanor, punishable by up to 6 months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. Additionally, a misdemeanor theft conviction could remain on his criminal background for the rest of his life. He reached out to the Columbus Criminal Defense team and after speaking with attorney Ben Luftman, hired the team to represent him and try and wipe away the misdemeanor theft charge as quickly as possible.

Attorney Ben Luftman and attorney Dan Sabol represented our client on his case.  Attorney Sabol discussed the case and circumstances with the prosecutor. After discussing the situation, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the misdemeanor theft case for our client’s payment of court costs. Our client agreed to this resolution. At no time did our client have to attend court, which was a big relief to him as well.

The dismissal, along with the subsequent expungement or sealing of the dismissal will completely remove the misdemeanor theft charge from our client’s criminal background. The expungement motion was filed directly after the dismissal to try and expedite the removal and is something the Columbus Criminal Defense team does on all criminal cases that are dismissed and our client eligible.

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