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Misdemeanor Theft Charge Dismissed

Due to a series of uncharacteristic and unexplainable choices, a lady in her early 40s recently found herself charged with misdemeanor theft in Franklin County Municipal Court. This was a truly terrifying experience for her. Having never been charged with more than a speeding ticket, she was now facing a charge that had penalties including up to 6 months in jail and up to a $1,000 fine. In addition, the misdemeanor theft charge was public record, which was mortifying for her.

Not knowing what to do, or her options, she researched attorneys and called attorney Ben Luftman. After speaking with attorney Luftman and going over her options, she decided to hire the Columbus Criminal Defense team to represent her on the misdemeanor theft case.

Attorney Luftman and attorney Dan Sabol represented her on the case. After 5 court dates, attorney Sabol negotiated a resolution where the prosecutor agreed to dismiss her case for the payment of court costs and attendance at an anti-theft class. Our client agreed to this resolution and we were able to get her misdemeanor theft case dismissed. We were able to do this without her ever having to appear in court and for that she was quite grateful.

As part of our representation, the Columbus Criminal Defense team always includes filing a motion to seal or expunge the record of our client’s criminal cases when they are eligible. This is critical in completely removing the case from our client’s criminal background. We have done that already for this client and once the judge approves the motion, the misdemeanor theft case will be removed from the Franklin County Municipal Clerk of Courts website and her criminal background.

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