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Multiple Charges Dismissed for 42-Year-Old Mother

Recently, a 42-year-old mother found herself in a very precarious situation when she was charged with domestic violence after she allegedly shoved her fiancé during an argument. While this misdemeanor level offense would be a serious issue for anyone to contend with, her worries were amplified by the fact that she also faced a prior charge for passing bad checks at a local grocery store. To avoid the legal penalties for these multiple charges which could result in some time behind bars as well as all the other negative consequences of having theft and domestic violence convictions on her record, she reached out to a Columbus criminal defense lawyer at Luftman, Heck & Associates t to review his available recourses.

Once they discussed the situation, the experienced criminal attorney Joseph Kunkel began working on her behalf. By applying his extensive knowledge of how Ohio approaches these types of issues, attorney Kunkel first successfully convinced the prosecution to outright dismiss the domestic violence offense due to the fact that the charge itself was likely an overreaction based on the circumstances. Then, attorney Kunkel addressed his client’s passing bad check charge by effectively convincing all the parties involved to dismiss this case for the payment of court costs and agreeing to pay restitution to the store. Because of this woman’s wise decision to retain a skilled Columbus criminal defense lawyer, this client was excused from both predicaments without serious inconvenience or any lasting ramifications.

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