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OVI / DUI Case Dismissed

A gentleman in his early 60’s was pulled over by an Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper for failure to signal. He was asked to submit to the roadside field sobriety tests and complied. After submitting to the roadside tests, he was arrested and charged with an OVI / DUI. After being arrested, he admitted to smoking marijuana prior to driving. He was then taken back to the patrol post and asked to submit to a urine test. He complied.

Having an OVI / DUI conviction would be devastating to this gentleman. Knowing what was at stake, he turned to the Columbus Criminal Defense team. Attorneys Ben Luftman and Dan Sabol represented him on the case. After reviewing all of the police reports and the urine test results, attorneys Luftman and Sabol crafted a defense. Through 7 court dates, attorneys Luftman and Sabol argued the evidentiary issues with the prosecutor. Ultimately, the prosecutor dismissed the case in its entirety.

The result was understandably a huge burden lifted from our client. It meant that he would not have issues with future employment searches and a tarnished record. It also spared him from a six-month license suspension, reinstatement fee and probation.

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