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Student Avoids Conviction on Marijuana Urine Test OVI / DUI

A young female business student was pulled over for a marked lanes violation. She was made to take the roadside field sobriety tests. She was then arrested for OVI / DUI. A small amount of marijuana was found on her person and she was also given a marijuana possession citation. Presumably due to the marijuana, the officer requested she take a urine test. She complied. The marijuana urine test was above the legal limit for marijuana and she was charged with an OVI / DUI per se. A conviction on the marijuana possession would have made her ineligible for financial aid. A conviction on the OVI / DUI could have derailed her promising business career before it began.

Attorney Dan Sabol was able to argue the legal issues on her behalf and the prosecutor ultimately dismissed the marijuana possession charge and amended the OVI / DUI urine test charge to a lesser physical control offense. Our client’s ability to attend college and potentially her future was preserved.  She avoided a license suspension as well.

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