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Gahanna DUI Lawyer

If you get charged with a DUI / OVI, get to the nearest phone to speak with a Gahanna DUI defense lawyer from Luftman, Heck & Associates. Our experienced team of Ohio DUI attorneys has helped hundreds of clients in the greater Columbus area reduce the penalties and, in some cases, get the charge dropped altogether.

Every day, thousands of cars hum along US 62, commuting from Gahanna to Columbus and back. The highway runs into Interstate 670, where police have an opportunity to carefully observe the driving patterns of everyone on the road. If you’re showing signs of impaired driving, don’t be surprised if you’re pulled over and asked to participate in a field sobriety test. In 2014, the Ohio State Highway Patrol enforced nearly 2,000 DUIs / OVIs, according to statistics from the organization’s website.

A DUI in Ohio is called an OVI. Even if it’s your first DUI / OVI, you might be facing heavy fines and punishments. If this is a second, third or fourth offense, expect the punishments to become more severe. If you’re applying to rent an apartment or house, the landlord can see the charge and choose not to rent to you. Many car insurance companies will increase the rate that you pay. If you’re in the middle of a divorce or custody battle, it can be used against you.

What to Expect from a Gahanna DUI Lawyer

The Columbus criminal defense team at Luftman, Heck & Associates is made of some of the state’s best DUI defense lawyers. For years, our team has worked every day to defend clients charged with a DUI / OVI. They’ve helped reduce the charges for hundreds of clients. They’ve even had some of their recent cases dismissed altogether.

If you’ve been charged with an OVI, your best chance at a happy outcome is to get a Gahanna DUI defense lawyer on your team. The attorneys from Luftman, Heck & Associates have managed to reduce the charges for some clients, avoid jail time for others and, sometimes, get the case dismissed entirely.

Questions to Ask Your DUI Attorney

If you’re facing charges for DUI in Gahanna, make sure to ask your lawyer the following questions:

Do I have to appear at my arraignment?
Gahanna DUI cases will be filed and scheduled for arraignment within five business days from the date of your arrest so that you can appeal the administrative license suspension. You might be concerned about your driving privileges and how soon you might be able to regain your license.

If you retain the Columbus DUI lawyers at Luftman, Heck & Associates to represent you on your Gahanna OVI case, it is possible for us to appear on your behalf on your initial court date in your absence. At that time, we would enter a not guilty plea on your behalf, request the police reports and DVD of your traffic stop, and negotiate your license suspension.

Can I keep my license or driving privileges?
If you hire Luftman, Heck & Associates to represent you, our Columbus DUI lawyers will be looking at BMV Form 2255 to see if there are errors that could lead to terminating your license suspension. If there are no errors on the form, we may able to request a stay of your license suspension, which would give you your full license back while your case is pending. Gahanna Mayor’s Court is a little bit tougher, but with a bit of work, generally permits stays of the administrative license suspension, absent an accident or otherwise nasty fact pattern. If you hire us, we might be able to appear on your behalf at your arraignment and request the stay for you. You would then be forwarded two copies. One to take to the BMV and one to keep with you at all times while driving during the pendency of your case.

Lastly, if none of those options were available, we would look to obtain limited driving privileges for you. If eligible, these privileges would permit you to drive for work, school, and medical purposes. Getting limited driving privileges in Gahanna Mayor’s Court is not a difficult process when represented. You would be forwarded a blank copy of the limited driving privilege entry to fill out and return to us. It would then be filed on your behalf and when granted, you would be forwarded two certified copies – one of which you will keep in your car at all times while driving and the other as a spare in case you lose the first.

Who is the Gahanna prosecutor?
Shane Ewald is the prosecuting attorney for Gahanna Mayor’s Court OVI cases. He has prosecuted DUI, criminal and traffic cases for the City of Gahanna since 2011. He will be prosecuting your case from its initiation in arraignment court and usually will prosecute the case only if it stays in Gahanna Mayor’s Court.

Do I get to see the police reports?
As a client of ours, we will always make copies of all reports we receive so that you can review them. We prefer you to take the reports home, review them thoroughly, and then send an email to us with your thoughts about the reports, including any inconsistencies.

Is there a DVD of my traffic stop?
All of the Gahanna police cars are equipped with a cruiser video system, so in the absence of a malfunction, there will be a DVD of your traffic stop. This is often very helpful to us. If the police reports are exaggerated, it will show on the DVD. It will also show whether the roadside field sobriety tests were performed properly on you. Every one of our Columbus DUI lawyers is certified in the administration of the field sobriety tests. We know the mistakes to look for. You will also receive a copy of the DVD for review.

What outcome can I expect with my Gahanna Mayor’s Court DUI case?
If there issues with the evidence, the prosecutor will potentially offer a reduction of your OVI charge to a lesser offense such as a reckless operation or physical control while in Gahanna Mayor’s Court.

However, sometimes it is necessary to apply more pressure if the prosecutor is unwilling to offer a reduction and it may be advantageous to transfer your case to Franklin County Municipal Court. There, your case will again go through the OVI court process. In Franklin County Municipal Court, we are able to conduct a suppression hearing or jury trial if necessary. If that is what the case calls for, then that is what needs to be done. After dealing with our Columbus DUI defense team for 11 years, the prosecutor knows that we are ready, willing and able to litigate fully on behalf of our clients.

Prior to conducting a suppression hearing or jury trial on your behalf, it is always our goal to try and negotiate an offer to a reduced charge to give you an option before litigating the case.

Your First Gahanna DUI / OVI Offense

The penalties for an OVI conviction can be harsh and unforgiving, even for your first offense. It’s possible for you to be fined over $1,000, have your license suspended for three years, be assigned community service or even face six months of jail time, according to chapter 4511.19 of the Ohio Revised Code.

If you’re arrested in Gahanna, you’ll likely face a pre-trial at the Gahanna Mayor’s Court. For nearly 10 years, the Columbus DUI defense lawyers at Luftman, Heck & Associates has been defending clients there. You won’t even have to show up for your arraignment.

If we decide that the best course of action is to bring your case before a jury, the trial will be moved to Franklin County Municipal Court. Our team has successfully defended thousands of clients there, and they’ll bring that experience to your case.

How a Gahanna DUI Lawyer Can Help

Being charged with a DUI / OVI is one of the worst feelings there is. Staring at a police officer as you’re asked to perform a field test can be terrifying, the embarrassment of the charge can be paralyzing, the sentencing can be crushing. You’re not sure what’s going to happen next, and you’re afraid to find out.

Don’t leave it up to the prosecution to decide what direction your life goes from here. Fight back with a skilled Gahanna DUI defense lawyer. The team at Luftman, Heck & Associates will be there every step of the way. They know the courts, they know the prosecution and the know how to give you the legal representation to get the best results possible from your case.

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Now is the time to fight back and take control of the situation. Get an experienced Gahanna DUI lawyer on your side for the legal battle ahead. The criminal defense team at Luftman, Heck & Associates has been protecting the rights of clients who’ve been charged with a DUI / OVI for years. Let us bring that knowledge and experience to your case. Call (614) 500-3836, or reach out through our online form today.

I can FINALLY breathe easy now. I want to thank Mr. Bowen and all the attorneys that helped me with this case.

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