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Worthington DUI Lawyer

Receiving a DUI or OVI carries serious consequences which may affect your employment opportunities, your housing situation (either as a homebuyer taking out a mortgage or as a tenant), your college admissions if you are a Worthington student facing OVI charges, security clearances, custody, and insurance rates. In Ohio, a skilled Worthington DUI lawyer may be able to get your charge dismissed or your penalties reduced, depending on the circumstances of your case.

As one of the larger, northern suburbs in Franklin County, OH, Worthington is at the center of three major freeways: I-270, I-71, and SR 315. If a police officer suspects you are impaired while driving, usually after observing a traffic violations, he or she may ask you pull over. If that officer suspects that you have consumed alcohol or drugs, you may be asked to perform a field sobriety test and ultimately receive a DUI / OVI.

An Ohio DUI conviction, also known as an OVI, can have potentially life-changing effects. If you have been charged with an OVI in Worthington, contacting a Worthington DUI lawyer from Luftman, Heck may be able to help.

What To Expect from a Worthington DUI Lawyer

The Columbus criminal defense team at Luftman, Heck and Associates provide free, initial consultations. Worthington DUI attorneys Ben Luftman, Dan Sabol, Chase Mallory and Joe Kunkel have successfully represented hundreds of clients in Worthington and the greater Columbus area. No matter the severity of your DUI / OVI offense, the attorneys at LHA have helped numerous clients receive the best, possible outcome for their case. In some of their most recent Ohio DUI case successes, clients facing drug-related OVIs or alcohol-related OVIs had their charges amended or dismissed.

If you are facing OVI charges, the Worthington DUI lawyers at Luftman, Heck and Associates will carefully review the facts of your case and will speak directly with the officer, prosecutor and the judge when necessary. Facing an OVI conviction can be a terrifying ordeal. You could be facing jail time and steep fines.

Rest assured the Worthington DUI defense lawyers with LHA have helped many client avoid jail time, reduce their charge or even drop their charge entirely. When you are entering the Ohio legal system, you will want an attorney with a proven track record and the knowledge to defend your case every step of the way.

Your First Worthington DUI Offense

Even if it is your first DUI offense, the penalties will still be serious. You could be facing license suspension, community service hours, mandatory alcohol or drug treatment, jail time and fines. The Worthington DUI defense lawyers at LHA know how an OVI or DUI could impact your life. The first time you are arrested and convicted of drunk driving in Ohio, you will receive an Administrative License Suspension (ALS) of 90 days and up to $1000 in fines.

If you were arrested for a DUI / OVI or other criminal traffic offense in Worthington, your case will likely handled in Worthington Mayor’s Court unless it meets an exception or the jurisdiction is changed to Franklin County Municipal Court.

How a Worthington DUI Lawyer Can Help

When you’re charged with OVI / DUI, an experienced Columbus criminal defense attorney may be able to help you avoid serious consequences of a DUI conviction. A Worthington DUI lawyer with the right experience handling OVI / DUI cases in Ohio courts will know the what arguments work best and be able to negotiate with prosecutors to try to reduce your charge to one with less serious penalties and that can later be expunged. If the facts and the law are on your side, a lawyer may be able to get your case dismissed.

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With the help of an experienced, competent Worthington DUI attorney, you can be assured of understanding all of your legal rights and options and know that your rights will be protected. The criminal defense team at Luftman, Heck & Associates protects rights of people charged with an OVI / DUI on a daily basis and would be honored to do so for you. To contact us, either call at or email

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