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Westerville DUI Lawyer

If you’ve received an OVI charge in Westerville, now is the time to get a Westerville DUI lawyer on your case. The Columbus criminal defense attorneys at Luftman, Heck & Associates have been defending people with DUI / OVI charges in the Columbus are for years, and they’re your best chance at a favorable outcome.

To the north of the humming city of Columbus sits the tranquil suburb of Westerville. The city of 36,000 is perched in both Delaware County and Franklin County, and Route 3, the highway connecting Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati runs right through its heart.

For almost 150 years, a town ordinance prevented the sale of alcohol in the city, earning it the nickname “The Dry Capital of the World.” That’s never stopped people from drinking in the city, even sparking the “Westerville Whiskey Wars.” In fact, Delaware County and Franklin County had a combined total of over 2,000 OVI enforcements in 2014, according to data from the Ohio State Highway Patrol.

In Ohio, a DUI is known as an OVI. The charge could have ramifications that forever change your life. A lessor could see a DUI / OVI on your record and decide not to rent you that new home. If you’re applying to colleges, admissions officers might see the conviction and think twice about your acceptance. It could be a major factor in a custody battle for your child. You could be buried in debt, put in jail and labeled a felon for the rest of your life.

What to Expect from a Westerville DUI Lawyer

The Columbus criminal defense team at Luftman, Heck & Associates has spent a decade working in the courts around Westerville. Ben Luftman, Dan Sabol, Chase Mallory and Joe Kunkel have been working to defend the rights of those charged with an OVI every day for years on end. Some of their most recent clients have even seen their charges completely dismissed.

If you’ve been charged with an OVI in Westerville, you need to find a DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible. You might wonder, “Where can I find a DUI defense lawyer near me?” Look no further than Luftman Heck & Associates. Our attorneys will stay by your side the whole time and explore every avenue to get the best possible results for your life.

Your First Westerville DUI / OVI Offense

The fines for your first OVI can be hefty, and the sentences can be harsh, even if you’re on your first offense. You could be fined over $1,000 dollars, face community service, be assigned special plates for everyone to see, have your license suspended for three years or spend six months in jail, according to chapter 4511.19 of the Ohio revised Code.

Your case will likely land in the Westerville Mayor’s Court, where you’ll face a pre-trial. Our team of Columbus criminal defense attorneys has been handling cases there for nearly a decade, and they know the strategies to get the best results there. If we decide we can improve your case results, we may decide to transfer your case to either the Franklin County Municipal Court or the Delaware County Municipal Court. There, we can bring your case to trial.

How a Westerville DUI Lawyer Can Help

When you find yourself in the face of a police officer with a bright flashlight shining in your eyes, your mind might start to race. Will I face charges? Is my family going to find out? How about my neighbors? What kind of fines are headed my way? Could I end up in jail?

Let an experienced Westerville DUI lawyer ease your mind. Your best defense is an attorney who know the courts you’re about to enter and how to find a path to the best outcome in your case. The team at Luftman, Heck & Associates will stay by your side through the whole case.

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Now is the time to regain control of your situation. Don’t leave your future in the hands of the prosecution; get a veteran Westerville DUI lawyer fighting for your rights. Call us at or email to get a lawyer from Luftman, Heck & Associate on your team now or email

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