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Westerville Mayor’s Court

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Court Information

Westerville is located both in Delaware and Franklin County. Westerville Mayor’s Court handles cases where individuals are charged by the Westerville Police Department. For nearly ten years, the Columbus Criminal defense team has represented clients there, from OVI / DUIs, to possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, theft and many other criminal offenses.

Prosecutor(s) Michael Fultz
Lauren Swihart
Magistrate(s) Sean H. Maxfield
Court Clerk(s) Marissa L. Akimine

Westerville Prosecutor Michael Fultz, Lauren Swihart and Magistrate Sean H. Maxfield handle court affairs, with Marissa L. Akimine serving as the court clerk.

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21 South State Street
Westerville, OH 43081
PH: (614) 901-6419
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Franklin County Ohio

Westerville Mayor’s Court

Court Process Information

The first step in the court process is an arraignment, which is where your charges will be read in front of the sitting magistrate and you will plead “not guilty,” “guilty” or “no contest.” When you hire the Westerville DUI lawyers from LHA to represent your case, this means that you likely will not have to show up for your arraignment. You can leave all of the pre-trial work to us.

The next step is to assess the evidence, figure out the weaknesses in the prosecutor’s case and negotiate on our client’s behalf to give them options and to accomplish their goals for the case.

For example, in OVI / DUI cases, client’s  goals generally  include staying out of jail, terminating or lessening lessen their license suspension, getting driving privileges and most importantly trying to avoid getting an OVI conviction. Typical reductions in in OVI / DUI cases include lesser offenses such as reckless operation or physical control. For theft  offenses, client’s goals generally include keeping the theft conviction off their record and keeping their criminal record clean.

You cannot have a jury trial at Westerville Mayor’s Court and OVI / DUI and criminal evidentiary hearings are generally not held there. If we are not satisfied with pre-trial results at the Westerville Mayor’s Court and need to litigate your case, we may opt to transfer the case downtown to Franklin County Municipal Court or Delaware County Municipal Court, depending on which county the offense occurred in. Jury trials and OVI / DUI hearings are conducted in both Franklin County and Delaware County Municipal Court. Prosecutor Michael Fultz handles all cases that are transferred to Franklin County Municipal Court. The Delaware City Prosecutor’s office handles cases transferred to Delaware County Municipal Court.


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