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Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court prosecutes OVI cases at their mayor’s court instead of transferring them automatically to Franklin County Municipal Court. Therefore, if you are pulled over and arrested for an OVI in Reynoldsburg by a Reynoldsburg police officer and you do not have any prior DUI convictions, your case will be scheduled in the mayor’s court. All Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court DUI cases are held on the Thursday following an arrest.

[BLANK_AUDIO] In the City of Reynoldsburg if you are charged with a DUI or OVI offense your case will be initially scheduled in Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Do I have to appear at my arraignment?

OVI cases in Reynoldsburg are filed and scheduled for arraignment within five (5) business days of your arrest. This is done so that you have the opportunity to appeal the administrative license suspension. If you hire Luftman, Heck & Associates’ DUI defense team, we may be able to appear at the arraignment on your behalf without you having to attend. This can be helpful so you don’t miss important obligations in your day-to-day life, like work or school. If we appear on your behalf, we will enter a not guilt plea, address your driver’s license suspension, and request any police reports and DVDs to evaluate the evidence against you.

If you’re charged with the DUI offence in the city of Reynoldsburg you will be required to appear to your arraignment on the Thursday following your DUI arrest. However if you hired the Columbus Criminal Defense team to represent you on the case ee will be able to appear on your behalf without you having to appear on that date.


Can I get my license or driving privileges?

After a DUI arrest, one of the first concerns you likely have is whether or not you’ll be able to drive. There are a few different ways you might be able to gain driving privileges. If you hire us to represent you, the first thing we will do is look at the BMV Form 2255 to see if there are errors. If there are errors, we are able to present them and this could lead to the termination of your suspension altogether.

If there aren’t any errors on the form, we can request a stay of your driver’s license suspension. If granted, a stay would give you your license back while your case is pending. Generally, Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court permits stays so long as you do not have a problematic driving history and the OVI didn’t involve an accident. We are able to appear on your behalf at the arraignment to request the stay for you. If it’s granted, you will be forwarded one copy to take to the BMV in order to get your physical license back and one to keep with you at all times while driving during the pendency of your case.

If these options aren’t available to you because of previous DUI convictions or other factors, we can negotiate to get you limited driving privileges that would permit you to drive for work, school, or medical reasons. Typically this is not a difficult process if you are represented by a Columbus OVI lawyer. In cases where you are applying for limited driving privileges, you will be forwarded a blank copy of the limited driving privilege entry to fill out and return back to us. We file it on your behalf, and if it’s granted you will be forwarded one copy to keep in your car at all times while driving and one copy to keep as a spare in case you lose the first one.

If you’re charged with a DUI in the City of Reynoldsburg, one of the first questions you’re asking yourself is, how quickly can I get my license back? You have a job, you have kids, you have all sorts of responsibilities, and let’s face it, we have to be able to drive. If you hire the Columbus criminal defense team, the first thing we’ll do, is look at that yellow sheet of paper that you received.

If there’s an error on that paperwork, we’ll go to court on your behalf, at your arraignment on Thursday, and request to terminate your license suspension. If we’re successful, you will have your full license back, beginning on Thursday. If there’re no errors on that paperwork, we will instead request a stay of your license suspension.

A stay will also give you your full license back, following your arraignment. If successful, you will be able to take that documentation to the DMV, and get your full license back, your plastic, and will be able to go and drive, immediately following your Thursday arraignment. If neither a termination of your suspension or stay is possible in your case, we will instead go and request limited driving privileges on your behalf.

And we will provide you with those limited driving privileges, so that you have them as soon as you’re eligible to drive. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Who is the prosecutor?

Jed Hood, Matt Roth, and Kevin Shannon are the prosecuting attorneys for Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court DUI cases. They have prosecuted thousands of OVI, criminal, and traffic cases for the City of Reynoldsburg ovwer the years. They will be prosecuting your case from its initiation while the case is in Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court.

[BLANK_AUDIO] In Reynoldsburg Mayors court, Kevin Shannon, Matt Roth and city attorney Jed Hood prosecute all DUY and OVI cases. If your case is transferred downtown to Franklin County Municipal Court, Kevin Shannon and Matt Roth will follow those cases downtown. If your case happened in Fairfield County, the case will then be prosecuted by Lancaster City attorney’s office.

And if your case happened Licking County, your case will be prosecuted by the Licking County prosecuting attorney.

Do I get to see the police reports?

Reynoldsburg police reports are typically mailed by the City Attorney’s office. We will be sure to request police reports and provide you with copies for your review. We ask that you review them in detail and send us an email with your thoughts, including any inconsistencies in the report along with a detailed summary of exactly what happened.

In every case the Columbus criminal defense team represents a client on a DUI in Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court, we will file a discovery motion with both the clerk of courts and the prosecutor’s office. You will be given a copy of all the police reports. the alcohol influence report and any additional reports we receive for your review.

We want you to review those reports and we want you to tell us what you agree with, what you disagree with. If there is anything fabricated or exaggerated we need to know. We need you to help us to get you the best possible resolution on your case. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Is there a DVD of my traffic stop?

The majority of Reynoldsburg police vehicles have cruiser video systems installed, but not all. Provided that there is a cruiser video system and it’s functioning properly, there will be a DVD of your traffic stop. This footage can be helpful to us when we are building your defense, as it will show things like whether the police officer performed the field sobriety tests properly or whether the reports are exaggerated in any way. All of our Columbus DUI lawyers are trained in field sobriety tests and know exactly what evidence issues to look for.

All Reynoldsburg police cruisers are equipped with a cruiser video system. That means there will be a DVD of your traffic stop. In every DUI case, the Columbus Criminal Defense team represents the client on, in Reynoldsburg Mayor’s court, we file a discovery motion with the prosecutor’s office.

You will receive a copy of the DVD of your traffic stop to review, and we want you to review it. That way, when we discuss your case in detail, we can tell you ex\exactly what the cops did right, exactly what the cops did wrong and what the evidence issues are on your case. [BLANK_AUDIO]

What outcome can I expect with my Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court OVI case?

If there are issues with the evidence, it’s possible that one of the prosecutors will offer you a reduction to a lesser offense. Other times, it might be advantageous to transfer your case where it will again go through the DUI court process. Depending on where you were pulled over, your case could be transferred to Franklin County Municipal Court, Fairfield County Municipal Court, or Licking County Municipal Court. Matt Roth and Kevin Shannon also prosecute cases that are transferred from Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court to Franklin County Municipal Court. With over a decade of experience working in these courts, the Luftman Heck DUI lawyers are ready to litigate your case in a suppression hearing or jury trial. However, we will continue to negotiate an offer once the case is transferred so that you have an option for a lesser charge before litigation.

When the Columbus criminal defense team represents a client in Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court, our goals are simple. The first is to make sure you stay out of jail. The second is to make sure you stay off of probation. The third and most important to most people, is to try to make sure that you keep the DUI conviction off of your record.

In every case we have in Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court, we will try to negotiate a reduction of your DUI charge to a lesser offense, such as a reckless operation or physical control violation. If we are unsuccessful in doing so in Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court, we can go and file a not guilty jury demand, and transfer your case downtown to either Franklin County Municipal Court, Licking County Municipal Court or Fairfield County Municipal Court, depending on where your OVI occurred.

This will effectively give us a second bite at the apple, and another opportunity to try to negotiate a reduction of your charges. [BLANK_AUDIO]

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If you have been arrested for a DUI in Reynoldsburg, your case will be handled in Reynoldsburg Mayor’s Court. You face serious consequences if convicted, even for a first-time offense. Having an experienced Reynoldsburg DUI lawyer can help reduce the consequences you face. Contact us at or for a free legal consultation.

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