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Like many Central Ohio mayor’s courts, Westerville Mayor’s Court prosecutes OVI cases at their local mayor’s court. If you are pulled over and arrested for an OVI in the City of Worthington by a Worthington police officer and you do not have any prior DUI convictions on your record, your case will be scheduled locally. Your case will always be heard on the Tuesday following your arrest.

[BLANK_AUDIO] If you are stopped in Worthington, Ohio by a Worthington Police Department officer, your case will be scheduled in Worthington Mayor’s court on the Tuesday following your arrest. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Do I have to appear at my arraignment?

Within five (5) business days, your Worthington OVI case will be filed and scheduled for arraignment. This also gives you an opportunity to appeal the administrative license suspension.

Having an experienced Columbus DUI lawyer on your side can be helpful. From the start, we can help make this process as easy as possible and improve your legal situation. We typically can appear on your behalf at the arraignment without you having to attend. At that time we would enter a not guilty plea on your behalf, address the issue of your driver’s license, and request the police report and DVD of your traffic stop.

If you’re charged with a DUI and your case is scheduled in Worthington Mayor’s Court you will be required to attend. Your arraignment will be scheduled on the Tuesday following your arrest. However, if you hire the Columbus Criminal Defense Team to represent you on the case you will not need to appear at your arraignment.

You will not need to take off of work to go and get over there between five and six, when their Mayor’s Court is scheduled, it’s very difficult to go and get there. We will be able to go and appear on your behalf and enter a not guilty plea. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Can I get my license back?

It depends, but in some cases we can. The first thing we will do once you hire us is look at BMV Form 2255 to see if there are any errors. If there are errors on the form, it’s possible that your license suspension can be terminated altogether. If there aren’t any errors, we can request a stay of your license suspension, which would return your full license to you while your case is pending. Generally, Worthington Mayor’s Court permits stays of the administrative license suspension so long as the OVI case did not involve an accident and you do not have a negative fact pattern working against you. We will be able to appear on your behalf at the arraignment to request the stay. If granted, you will receive one copy to bring to the BMV in order to get your license back and one to keep with you while driving.

If the BMV Form 2255 and stay are not possible options for you, we would look to negotiate limited driving privileges for you. Typically this is not a difficult process so long as you are represented by an experienced Columbus DUI lawyer. Limited driving privileges, if granted, will allow you to drive for work, medical, and school reasons. You would be forwarded a blank copy of the Worthington limited driving privilege entry to fill out and return to us. We would then file it on your behalf; if granted, you would be forwarded two certified copies – one to keep in the car at all times while driving and a second to keep as a spare.

When you got pulled over and arrested for a DUI in Worthington, one of the first questions you are asking yourself is, how am I gonna get to work? How am I gonna drive my kids? You need to be able to drive, we all do. It’s one of the biggest, and most important consideration, someone who’s recently charged with the DUI faces.

If you hire the Columbus criminal defense team to represent you on the case, we will go and review that yellow sheet of paper, the BMV form 2255, you received. If there are errors on that paperwork, we will go to your arraignment on Tuesday evening, and request that you’re license suspension be terminated.

If there aren’t errors on that paperwork, we will still appear on your behalf, and request that your license suspension be stayed. If the magistrate grants the stay, you will again be granted your full license, your back, following your Tuesday arraignment. If neither a termination nor a stay are available, we will instead file a limited driving privileges request on your behalf.

And you will be forwarded a copy of your limited driving privileges, as soon as you’re eligible to drive. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Who is the prosecutor?

Karen Sheffer is the prosecuting attorney for Worthington Mayor’s Court DUI cases. She has prosecuted thousands of OVI, criminal, and traffic cases for the City of Worthington over 25 years practicing the law. She will be prosecuting your case from its initiation in arraignment and as long as it stays in Worthington Mayor’s Court.

Karen Shaffer prosecutes all cases in Worthington Mayor’s court. however if your case has pledged not guilty and transferred downtown to Franklin County Municipal Court, the Columbus City prosecutor’s office will prosecute the case there. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Do I get to see the police reports?

We will make sure that you have copies of all reports so you can review them yourselves. You will take them home, review them thoroughly, and send us an email with your thoughts. These should include any inconsistencies and your summary of what happened.

In every Worthington Mayor’s Court DUI case, a police report, an alcohol influence report, detailing how you performed on the roadside field sobriety test, and potentially additional investigative reports, will be filed with the prosecutor’s office. In each and every case, the Columbus criminal defense team represents the client, in Worthington Mayor’s Court.

We will file a discovery motion with the clerk of courts, and the prosecutor’s office. When we receive it, either paralegal Sarah Baxter or Morita Ramirez, will forward you a copy of all the discovery that we receive, for you to review. Why do we want you to go and review the discovery? Because you need to tell us what you agree with in the report, what you disagree with in the report.

If the officer fabricated something or exaggerated something, we need to know about it, because when we’re sitting there with Karen Shepherd at your pretrial, talking about why your case should be reduced or dismissed, we need the ammunition to go and convince her to do so. [BLANK_AUDIO]

Is there a DVD of my traffic stop?

Usually. Most Worthington police cruisers are equipped with a cruiser video system, so provided that you were stopped by a police officer driving one of these cruisers there will be a DVD of your stop. (Malfunctioning equipment can also play into a potential lack of DVD.) Typically DVD footage can be very helpful to us. If police reports are exaggerated or if the field sobriety tests are improperly given to you, this will show. All of our Columbus DUI lawyers are certified in the administration of field sobriety tests. We know exactly what mistakes to look for. We will also provide you with a copy of the DVD.

All Worthington Police cruisers are equipped with a CVS or cruiser video system, what does this mean? There will be a DVD of your traffic stop. Everything that occurred between you and the officer will be on that DVD, we file a motion for discovery on every single Worthington Mayor’s court DUI case.

That discovery motion allows us to get a copy of that DVD, and each and every copy that we get we forward along to our client. Why? We want you to go and review that DVD. We want you to go and see exactly how you looked on the roadside that night. So that we can tell you what the officers did right,what the officers did wrong and what the evidentiary issues are that we are gonna go and push on your behalf.

What outcome can I expect with my Worthington Mayor’s Court DUI case?

If there are issues with the physical evidence for your DUI case, the prosecutor may offer a reduction to a lesser offense. However, this is not guaranteed, and we may seek to transfer your case to Franklin County Municipal Court where it would again go through the criminal court process.

The Columbus City Prosecutor’s Office prosecutes all Worthington Mayor’s Court cases that are transferred to Franklin County Municipal Court. At the municipal court level, we are able to conduct a suppression hearing or jury trial if necessary. We know that having options can be important to making the right decision for you, so we also strive to negotiate an offer of a reduced charge when your case moves to municipal court so you have options besides litigation.

In every Worthington Mayor’s court DUI case clients have different goals. For example. If you blew over a 17, you wanna go and try to stay out of jail and keep the yellow plates of your vehicle, other clients want to go and stay off probation and try to go and get as broad a driving privilege as possible.

While others wanna fight tooth and nail to go and keep the DUI off of their record, because of their job and or licensure purposes. In every case we will discuss what our clients goals are with you. So that we are on the same page and understand exactly what you are trying to get out of your case.

If your goals change during your case you need to go, and let us know. It’s absolutely paramount that we are on the same page the entire time.

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If you have been arrested for a DUI in Worthington, your case will be handled in Worthington Mayor’s Court. You face severe penalties, even for a first-time conviction. Having an experienced Worthington DUI attorney can help reduce the consequences you face. Contact us at or for a free legal consultation.

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