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Unpaid Speeding and Parking Tickets

Almost everyone gets pulled over or cited for a speeding or parking violation at some point. This is not necessarily a major problem, especially if you hire an attorney to fight the charges on your behalf. You may even be able to get the charges dismissed entirely and avoid points on your license. Unfortunately, people often underestimate the seriousness of traffic tickets for this reason, leading them to forget about the charges entirely. They don’t go to the court hearing or pay the ticket by the date required, and then they have unpaid speeding and parking tickets following them—and causing much more serious problems.

Everyone hates traffic tickets, especially relatively minor and annoying ones for parking violations or speeding. That doesn’t mean you can ignore them without getting in even bigger trouble.

Consequences of Unpaid Speeding and Parking Tickets in Columbus

If you have unpaid speeding and parking tickets in Columbus, it’s easy to mentally write off the seriousness of the situation, but you shouldn’t. Unpaid traffic tickets can have serious consequences when ignored. The longer you pretend they don’t exist or refuse to pay, the more trouble you face. In fact, the following are all common consequences of unpaid speeding and parking tickets in Columbus.

  • Fines: Not only will you face the same fines you were originally assigned, but you will also face additional late fees and collection fees when you miss the due date. This can double or even triple the amount you owe.
  • Bench warrants and jail time: If you fail to appear in court and don’t pay your ticket, a judge can issue a bench warrant for you. This means that police can pick you up at any time and take you to jail to force you to face the fine. You can even be arrested for failure to follow a court order, which will lead to further jail time.
  • Loss of your driver’s license: Your license can be suspended or even revoked for unpaid speeding and parking tickets, depending on how much you have owed and for how long.
  • Towed or booted car: If police find your car in public, they can impound and tow you car or simply boot it in order to force you to pay for your traffic tickets.
  • Increased insurance premiums: If you are cited for failure to pay a traffic citation, your insurance premiums are likely to rise. This is extra damaging if the original citation was simply for a parking violation, as most insurance companies won’t raise rates for non-moving violations.

Any of these consequences can be devastating—even more when it happens when you least expect it.

When Should You Call a Trusted Ohio Traffic Defense Attorney?

As you can see, the consequences of unpaid speeding and parking tickets can be seriously damaging. That’s why you should call a trusted Ohio traffic defense attorney to help you deal with your speeding or parking citation before it ever becomes an issue. If you call a Columbus traffic lawyer the minute you get a ticket, you avoid the damaging consequences of unpaid tickets altogether.

Your attorney can listen to your side of the story and develop a strategy to fight the ticket right off the bat. You may be able to avoid a conviction altogether. If you are like many people who are worried about managing the cost of such a ticket—the main reason most people don’t pay— this may help keep the fine as small as possible, and at the very least make the payment plan manageable for you.

Of course, sometimes we simply forget about a ticket and miss paying it. If you already have unpaid speeding and parking tickets haunting you, it’s not too late. Call the Columbus traffic lawyers at Luftman, Heck, and Associates right now at for a free consultation on your case. Find out how we can mitigate the consequences of not paying your tickets previously, and let us work out a plan to pay what you owe while minimizing your costs. Let us help you solve this problem and keep you out of jail.

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