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Following Too Closely Tickets in Columbus, Ohio

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Since state law only requires that drivers maintain a sufficient distance to “occupy such space without danger,” Columbus following too closely tickets are only issued based on the subjective opinion of the officer. If an officer’s view is obstructed, the officer misunderstood the situation, or the trooper even simply made the wrong judgment call, you may be unfairly issued a following too closely ticket.

Tailgating in Ohio can be a problem—even a dangerous one that can cause accidents, which is why state troopers are cracking down on drivers who follow too closely. Unfortunately, following too closely is a vague charge. Even drivers a safe stopping distance from the car ahead of them can find themselves facing a serious a traffic violation.

Don’t Dismiss Tailgating Charges as a Minor Traffic Violation

Because of the vague nature of following too closely charges, many drivers shrug off the charges and don’t even fight the ticket. What these people fail to realize though, is that tailgating charges are more serious than they may seem on face value. While considered a simple moving violation, a conviction for following too closely establishes you in the eyes of the law and most insurance companies as an offensive driver. This means that you are considered to drive aggressively, rather than in the safer defensive manner.

People labeled offensive drivers can face numerous consequences. Not only can you face short-term consequences that range from extra points on your license to higher insurance rates, but you also could be affected in the long term by such a label. In the event of a future accident, your credibility will be more suspect, which means you could be held at fault. In addition, your rates will likely jump more after a future accident even if you are not determined at fault. For this reason, it’s worth fighting the charges.

Facing a Columbus Following Too Closely Ticket?

If you are looking to contest an Ohio traffic violation, such as an Ohio following too closely ticket, consulting an experienced Columbus traffic ticket lawyer can help you get a better outcome. Many laypeople make small but fatal mistakes that lead to a harsher punishment than they could have gotten with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer.

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