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Endangering Children Charge Dismissed

A mother in her early forties drove to a store to pick up some groceries. Assuming it was going to be a very quick trip, she left her child in the car while she ran in. Another shopper saw the child in the car alone and contacted the police. When she exited the store, a police officer was waiting for her. After discussing the situation, the officer charged her with child endangerment. Her case was then scheduled in Delaware Municipal Court.

There were many concerns going through this ladies mind. Had she done the wrong thing? She had never had never been charged with more than a speeding ticket in her entire life and was now facing a charge that could land her in jail. She is a teacher and a conviction could cause her licensure issues. Lastly, there is a stigma that is attached to a child endangerment conviction that she would just have a difficult time shaking.

After doing a substantial amount of internet research and speaking with attorney Ben Luftman, she retained the Columbus Criminal Defense team to represent her on the case.

Attorney Dan Sabol went to court on her behalf multiple times. Prior to going to court, he was able to get a keen understanding of whom this mother and teacher truly is. She made a mistake, but has otherwise led an exemplary life. A conviction could literally cause it to come to a halt. That is exactly what attorney Sabol sought to convince the prosecutor.

Ultimately, the prosecutor took a deep look at the charge and circumstances and our client’s history and agreed to dismiss the charges upon her completion of a number of conditions.

This resolution will allow our client to continue to continue teaching and more importantly, move on from a very unfortunate situation.

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