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What is an OVI / DUI “Look Back” Period?

Posted On: April 14th, 2017   |   Posted by: Luftman, Heck & Associates LLP

If you’ve been convicted of driving under the influence (OVI/DUI) in Ohio more than once, expect the penalties to become stiffer. House Bill 388 – also known as Annie’s Law – was recently signed into law implementing a longer OVI/DUI “look back” period.

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Annie’s Law Look Back Period

When assessing penalties for someone who is guilty of operating a vehicle under the influence (OVI), often referred to as a DUI, courts typically take into consideration prior offenses. Second, third, fourth, and subsequent DUIs can result in greater penalties. Prior to Annie’s Law, the court would add up the number of DUIs received over the last six years; however, that time period has now been extended to 10 years.

If you received a DUI while in college nine years ago and were recently charged with the same crime, you may have to face significant penalties that are impacted by decisions you made nearly a decade ago.

Stiffer Penalties for Subsequent DUIs

In addition to increasing the look-back period, Annie’s Law increases the length of license suspension for subsequent DUIs. Prior to the law, a second-time DUI conviction might result in a license suspension of up to five years; however, now the court can impose up to seven years if found guilty. A third offense used to result in up to 10 years of license suspension, which has now been upped to 12 years.

It’s important to know that license suspension is not the only punishment you could face. For a second or third offense, expect to pay thousands of dollars in fines and serve community service. You may also be forced to serve jail time or attend a treatment program.

A Columbus OVI / DUI Lawyer Can Help You

If you are accused of a DUI/OVI in Ohio, there are options available to you. In some cases, you may be able to plead guilty and face lesser charges. There are also various defenses that can help you reduce or eliminate our charges and penalties.

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