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Though some mayor’s courts throughout Ohio do not, Hilliard Mayor’s Court does prosecute DUI cases on site. If you are pulled over and arrested for an OVI in the City of Hilliard by a Hilliard Police Officer and you do not have prior DUI convictions, your case will be scheduled in the mayor’s court. Your Hilliard Mayor’s Court OVI case will always take place on the Wednesday following your arrest.

Do I have to appear at my arraignment?

Hilliard DUI cases are filed and scheduled for arraignment within five (5) business days from the date of your arrest in order to allow you to appeal the administrative license suspension.

If you hire the Columbus OVI defense team at Luftman, Heck & Associates, we may be able to appear on your behalf so that you do not have to attend your initial court date. While we are there, we would enter a not guilty plea on your behalf and address your driver’s license suspension. We also request police reports and DVD footage of the arrest.

Can I get my license or driving privileges?

There are a few possible avenues for regaining your driving privileges. Our experienced Columbus DUI lawyers will assess BMV Form 2255 to see if there are errors. If there are errors present, this could lead to the termination of your driver’s license suspension. If errors are not present, we may be able to request a stay of your license suspension. Effectively, a stay would give you your full license back while your case is pending.

Generally, Hilliard Mayor’s Court permits stays of the administrative license suspension, provided that the OVI did not result in an accident and that there is no other problematic fact pattern. We are able to appear on your behalf at the arraignment to request the stay of license suspension for you. If this is granted, you will be forwarded two copies – one that you must take to the BMV, and one that you must keep with you at all times while driving during the pendency of your case.

If these options are not available to you, we would negotiate to get you limited driving privileges, which would permit you to drive for medical, work, and school reasons. This can be a bit more difficult, so having an experienced Columbus OVI attorney to negotiate on your behalf is important. Magistrate Mark Weaver is not lenient with driving privileges and will not grant driving privileges for childcare needs, so if you have children and need to drive them around, it is essential that you tell us as soon as possible.

To begin the process to obtain limited driving privileges, you must fill out a blank copy of the limited driving privilege entry and return it to us. We then file the form on your behalf. If granted, you will be forwarded two certified copies. The first of these copies you must keep in your car at all times while driving, and you should keep the second one handy in case you lose the first one.

Who is the prosecutor?

Gregory Peterson is the prosecuting attorney for Hilliard Mayor’s Court OVI cases. He has been a Franklin County prosecutor and a Franklin County Common Pleas Court judge. Currently he is in private practice and prosecutes DUI, criminal, and traffic cases at Hilliard Mayor’s Court. He will be prosecuting your case from its initiation in arraignment court and usually will prosecute the case only if it stays in Hilliard Mayor’s Court.

Do I get to see the police reports?

One of our primary concerns at Luftman, Heck & Associates is that you are always informed about your case and aware of what evidence is at hand. We will provide you with copies of all reports that we receive so that you may review them. We ask that you take the reports home, review them thoroughly, and email us with your thoughts about the reports. These should include any inconsistencies and your summary of exactly what happened.

Is there a DVD of my traffic stop?

Typically, yes. You will also receive a copy of the DVD for your review. All Hilliard police vehicles are equipped with a cruiser video system, so provided that there is no malfunction, there will be a DVD of your traffic stop. This can be very useful to us in building your defense. If the police reports are exaggerated in any way or if the field sobriety tests are issued improperly, this will show on the DVD. All of our Columbus OVI attorneys at Luftman Heck are certified in the administration of the field sobriety tests, so we know what mistakes to look for and how to identify them.

What outcome can I expect with my Hilliard Mayor’s Court DUI case?

If there are issues with the physical evidence in your case, the prosecutor may potentially offer a reduction of your DUI charge to a lesser offense such as a reckless operation or physical control while in Hilliard Mayor’s Court.

However, sometimes the prosecutor may not be willing to offer you a reduction and other options should be considered. For example, it may be advantageous to transfer your case to Franklin County Municipal Court, where your case will again go through the OVI court process.

Kelleen Roth prosecutes all Hilliard Mayor’s Court cases transferred to Franklin County Municipal Court. She has prosecuted OVI, criminal, and traffic cases for the City of Hilliard and many other central Ohio municipalities during her nearly 20 year tenure practicing law.

In Franklin County Municipal Court, we are able to conduct a suppression hearing or jury trial if necessary. Prior to conducting a suppression hearing or jury trial on your behalf in Franklin County Municipal Court, we will continue to negotiate for an offer of a reduced charge to give you an option before litigating the case.

Charged with a DUI in Hilliard Ohio? Contact us.

If you have been arrested for a DUI in Hilliard, your case will be handled in Hilliard Mayor’s Court, and the prosecution will try to prove that you were operating a vehicle while impaired. Having an experienced Hilliard DUI lawyer can help reduce the consequences you face. Contact us at or for a free legal consultation.

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