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New Albany Mayor’s Court prosecutes OVI cases in their court instead of automatically transferring them to Franklin County, so if you are pulled over and arrested for a DUI in the City of New Albany by a New Albany Police Officer and you do not have prior OVI convictions, your case will be scheduled in the mayor’s court. Your OVI case will always be scheduled for the Wednesday following your arrest in New Albany.

Do I have to appear at my arraignment?

New Albany DUI cases are filed and scheduled for arraignment within five (5) business days from the date of your arrest so that you may appeal the administrative license suspension. If you hire Luftman, Heck & Associates’ Columbus DUI defense team, we may be able to appear on your behalf so you do not have to attend the initial court date. At that time, we will enter a not guilty plea on your behalf, address the issue of your driving privileges, and request police reports and a copy of the DVD.

Can I get my license or driving privileges?

There are ways to get your driving privileges back after a DUI arrest. If you hire us to handle your case, the first thing we would do is to look and assess BMV Form 2255 to see if there are any errors. If there are, that could lead to a termination of your driver’s license suspension outright. If there aren’t any errors, we may be able to request a stay of your driver’s license suspension. This would give you your full license back while the case is pending.

Typically, New Albany Mayor’s Court permits stays of the administrative license suspension unless you were involved in an accident in conjunction with the OVI arrest or there is a negative fact pattern against you. If you are our client, we are able to appear on your behalf at the arraignment and request the stay on your behalf. After that, you are forwarded two copies – one to bring to the BMV and one to keep on you at all times while driving during the pendency of your case.

If you are ineligible for these options or you are denied, we would look into getting you limited driving privileges so that you can drive for work, school, and medical reasons. Typically this is a not a difficult process when you are represented by an experienced DUI lawyer. You would be forwarded a blank copy of the New Albany limited driving privilege entry to fill out and return to us. We would then file it on your behalf; if granted, you would be forwarded two certified copies – one of which you will keep in your car at all times while driving and the other as a spare in case you lose the first.

Who is the prosecutor?

Marty Nobile is the prosecuting attorney for New Albany Mayor’s Court OVI cases. He has prosecuted DUI, criminal, traffic, and environmental cases for the City of Columbus and many other central Ohio municipalities during his time practicing. He will be prosecuting your case from its initiation in arraignment court and as long as it stays in New Albany Mayor’s Court.

Do I get to see the police reports?

We believe that you have a right to know the evidence against you, and we will always make copies of reports we receive so that you can review them. We prefer that you take the reports home, review them thoroughly, and then send us an email with your thoughts about the reports. Take note of any inconsistencies and be sure to share with us your summary of exactly what happened.

Is there a DVD of my traffic stop?

Most likely. Most, but not all, of the New Albany police cruisers are equipped with a cruiser video system. This can be very useful to us; if police reports are exaggerated or if the field sobriety tests are not performed on you properly, this will show on the DVD. All of our Columbus OVI attorneys are certified in the administration of these field sobriety tests and know exactly what kinds of mistakes to look for. If there is a DVD of your traffic stop, we will provide you with a copy of it for your review.

What outcome can I expect with my New Albany Mayor’s Court OVI case?

If there are issues with the physical evidence in your DUI arrest, the prosecutor may offer a reduction of your OVI charge to a lesser offense like reckless operation. Sometimes, however, it may be better to apply pressure and transfer your case to Franklin County Municipal Court. Kevin Mantel is the prosecutor for cases that are transferred to Franklin County Municipal Court from New Albany Mayor’s Court. At the municipal court level, we typically conduct a suppression hearing or jury trial if necessary.

Prior to conducting a suppression hearing or jury trial on your behalf in Franklin County Municipal Court, we will continue to negotiate an offer to a reduced charge to give you an option before litigating the case.

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If you have been arrested for a DUI in New Albany, your case will be handled in New Albany Mayor’s Court. You face serious consequences if convicted, even for a first-time offense. Having an experienced New Albany DUI attorney can help reduce the consequences you face. Contact us at or for a free legal consultation.

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