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Has your Ohio driver's license been suspended? Get your license reinstated through the BMV. Call the Columbus license reinstatement attorneys with LHA at (614) 500-3836.

Has your Ohio driver’s license been suspended? Call the Columbus license reinstatement attorneys with LHA at 614-500-3836.

Losing your Ohio driver’s license is more than an inconvenience. It can be extremely difficult to continue your education, work, and take care of your children with a suspended license.

But reinstating your Ohio driver’s license is not as easy as walking into the BMV and getting a new picture taken. BMV reinstatement varies depending on why you lost your license. At the very least, you will need to provide proof of insurance and pay a reinstatement fee.

However, you may also need to deal with other administrative agencies, the court, take a class, pass the driver’s exam again, and more. To discuss BMV reinstatement requirements, contact Luftman, Heck & Associates for a free, initial consultation.

A BMV Reinstatement Program Could Help You

There are many different reasons why your license may have been suspended. But a BMV reinstatement program can only help you and your future. The inability to operate a vehicle can have more than just personal consequences. If you run a business, drive for a living, or otherwise need to drive for work, getting your license reinstated is critical.

BMV reinstatement programs such as driving classes, amnesty options, and diversion programs may give you an opportunity to get your license back sooner than you may have thought possible.

Reinstatement Depends On Your Suspension

To begin the process of reinstating your license, the reason for its suspension usually dictates your next steps. Some common license suspensions and their reinstatement requirements are listed in the Ohio BMV, but we’ve also included the following breakdown.

Administrative License Suspension

If your Ohio driver’s license was automatically suspended in Columbus due to a DUI arrest or refusing to submit to a chemical test, then you must serve your suspension, provide proof of insurance, and pay the reinstatement fee to get your license back.

Suspension for First Time DUI

If you lost your license because of a first offense for operating a vehicle under the influence, then you must complete all the requirements of your court order (which may include an ignition interlock device), obtain proof of insurance, and pay the reinstatement fee.

A court order after an OVI/DUI may require you to undergo a number of requirements before you can drive again. Contact a BVM reinstatement lawyer to discuss the administrative and court-ordered requirements.

Suspension for Underage DUI

If you were under 21 years old when convicted of operating a vehicle after drinking alcohol, you must serve your suspension, take a juvenile remedial driving court, retake the complete driver’s license exam, and pay the reinstatement fee.

Insurance-Related Suspensions

If your license was suspended due to a lack of the proper auto insurance, then to reinstate your license, you will need to complete any suspension required, obtain the legally required minimum amount of auto insurance, obtain an SR-22 certificate as proof from your insurer for at least three years, and pay the reinstatement fee.

Court-ordered Suspension

After losing your driver’s license for failing to appear in court or pay a court-ordered fine, you must fulfill your duties regarding the criminal charges. Once you have done so, the court will send a release of forfeiture to the BMV, and you will need to pay a reinstatement fee.

Judgment or Security Suspension

If you lost your license because of a court judgment or Crash Report against you for causing property damage, bodily injuries, or fatalities, then you must provide the BMV with a payment agreement or release from the defendant, a journal entry from the court, or a discharge in bankruptcy.

You must also obtain insurance and an SR-22 certificate to regain your license. If you are unsure of this process, call Luftman, Heck & Associates to discuss your BMV reinstatement requirements.

12 Point Suspension

When you lose your license after accumulating 12 driver’s license points within a two-year period, you must serve your suspension, complete a remedial driving course, retake the complete driver’s license exam, obtain an SR-22 certificate, and pay the reinstatement fee to get your license back.

Child Support Suspension

After losing your driver’s license due to a failure to pay child support, you must become up to date on your financial obligation. When this occurs, the child support agency will send a release to the BMV. Once you pay the reinstatement fee, you can get your license back.

Juvenile Tobacco Suspension

If you were caught buying, receiving, using, or possessing any tobacco product while under the age of 18, then you will lose your license for 30 days. To get it back, you must attend an approved youth smoking education or treatment program.

School Dropout Suspension

You may lose your Ohio driver’s license or permit if your school superintendent notifies the BMV of your frequently missing class or unlawfully withdrawing from school.

To get your license back, you must either be at least 18 years old, show proof of a GED or high school diploma, have the superintendent notify the BMV that you are now attending an approved program, or prove the suspension was a mistake.

When you are able to have your license reinstated after your 18th birthday or when the suspension is ended, you must pay a reinstatement fee.

Don’t Drive Under Suspension

Remember, if your license is suspended and you are hoping to seek reinstatement, make sure you are not stopped for driving with a suspended license, as this could have a devastating impact on your ability to get your license reinstatement request approved.

Ohio License Reinstatement Fees

The BMV charges the following reinstatement fees:

  • Administrative License Suspension: $40
  • OVI: $475
  • Underage OVI: $40
  • Insurance-related Suspensions: $100 for the first offense
  • Court-ordered Suspension: $40
  • 12 Point Suspension: $40
  • Child Support Suspension: $25

Depending on your financial situation, you may be able to set up a BMV payment plan, enabling you to pay your fee in installments. If you are currently going through bankruptcy, you may be able to discharge these fees.

The reinstatement fees in Ohio may change in the future. You may also be required to pay other fines and fees before you reinstate your driver’s license.

Reinstatement After Permanent Revocation

Some individuals may use the terms suspension and revocation interchangeably, yet they are legally different. A driver’s license suspension means you lose your driving privileges for a period of time and must complete certain requirements to get them back.

License Revocation is Permanent.

In serious cases, the court completely removes your right to drive. This typically occurs after offenses such as multiple DUIs, vehicular manslaughter, and vehicular homicide.

If you wish to obtain a driver’s license after it has been revoked, you must file a motion with the court that sentenced you for a modification or termination of the revocation. This can be a challenging process.

The likelihood of regaining your driver’s license after a revocation increase by working with a BMV reinstatement attorney. Contact Luftman, Heck & Associates to find out how the reinstatement process might go for you.

Work With the Correct Facility

By hiring an Ohio BMV reinstatement attorney, you ensure that you work with the correct administrative offices and personnel. Back in January 2018, the BMV closed its six regional license reinstatement centers.

When looking to reinstate your license, you now have to go to the deputy registrar’s office. There are pros and cons to this change.

There are now more offices to go to. However, the deputy registrars will charge $10 per in-person transaction. For payment plans, you would pay an additional $10 for each payment you make at the office. If you need to pay reinstatement fees, your attorney can help you do so through the mail or online to avoid extra fees.

A BMV Reinstatement Lawyer Can Help

At Luftman, Heck & Associates, our attorneys have handled driver’s license issues for years. We can review your situation and advise you on whether it may be possible to obtain limited driving privileges.

We will also ensure you complete the BMV reinstatement requirements efficiently so that you regain your license as soon as you can. If your license was revoked, we would discuss returning to court to try and remedy the situation.

You may not be sure whether you qualify to get your license reinstated through the BMV. Find out what options are available to you and how to best approach your license suspension or revocation when you contact LHA for a free consultation.

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If your Ohio driver’s license is currently suspended, you likely have questions about how to get it back. You can check your driver’s license status online, but that isn’t going to give you the answers about how to get it reinstated.

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