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College Student DUI

Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding area is home to Ohio State University and many other colleges and universities. These institutes of higher learning are educating well over 50,000 college students but has also resulted in Columbus seeing several college students arrested and prosecuted for DUI offenses each year. Being arrested or charged with a DUI can have serious criminal consequences that are normally associated with the charge but a DUI can in some cases also jeopardize a college student’s ability to continue attending his or her respective institution.

You don’t need to go through this difficult process alone. The experienced criminal defense attorneys of Luftman, Heck & Associates have successfully represented many Columbus, Ohio college students who have been charged with DUI offenses over our many years representing clients in a broad range of criminal matters. Not only have we have successfully helped many of these clients to resolve their underlying criminal charges but also avoid being expelled from school. If you are a Columbus college student facing a DUI charge, you should contact us at to discuss your situation.

A Lower Legal Limit for Those Under 21

Aside from the sheer number of college students in the Columbus area, another factor that results in many of the college student DUI arrests and prosecutions is the much lower threshold under Ohio law for charging an individual under the age of 21 with an underage DUI. The legal limit under Ohio law for drivers under 21 is a blood alcohol content level, or BAC, of 0.02. In contrast, Ohio’s legal limit for being considered intoxicated while driving is a BAC of 0.08 for motorists over 21. Therefore, a college-aged individual can be charged with a DUI for driving with a much lower BAC than if the driver in question is over 21. A single drink can easily put a driver under 21-years-old over the legal limit of 0.02, so college age drivers should be extremely careful before getting behind the wheel in Ohio.

Can I Be Expelled for a DUI?

Depending on what institution of higher learning you attend, the results of an arrest may be different. Each institution’s students are governed by different student codes of conduct and the possible consequences and vary drastically. For instance, under Ohio State University’s Student Code of Conduct, any state, federal or local criminal charge is also a conduct violation. As such, the potential penalties for violating this provision include a formal reprimand, disciplinary probation, or even suspension or even expulsion from the school.

Contact Luftman, Heck & Associates as Soon as Possible

As a college student in Columbus, Ohio, if you are charged with a DUI you can potentially face dismissal from school as well as the criminal punishments associated with a DUI. This added complication makes it imperative to hire an experienced criminal lawyer with experience handling college student DUI cases.

The veteran Columbus, Ohio criminal defense and DUI attorneys of Luftman, Heck & Associates have successfully represented numerous college-aged clients with their criminal cases related to DUI offenses as well as any subsequent disciplinary proceedings at their college or university. If you are a college student who has been arrested for a DUI in the Columbus, Ohio area, contact us at for a free consultation regarding your case today.

Have Questions? Let a Columbus DUI Attorney Help You.

With the help of an experienced, competent Columbus DUI attorney, you can be assured of understanding all of your legal rights and options and know that your rights will be protected. The criminal defense team at Luftman, Heck & Associates protects rights of people charged with an OVI / DUI on a daily basis and would be honored to do so for you. To contact us, either call or email

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