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License Suspension for Failure to Display in Columbus

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When you have been pulled over or involved in an accident, tensions can rise and you might not want to cooperate on principle. Depending on the circumstances, you may be charged with failure to display license or proof of license. While an Ohio driver’s license suspension for failure to display offense does not carry any points on your driving record, you can face fines and community service for this charge. (A third failure to display license or proof of license offense within three years is a misdemeanor of the first degree and may involve jail time if convicted.)

Ohio Revised Code 4507.35 states that you must display your driver’s license or proof that you have a driver’s license upon a law enforcement officer’s request. A person damaged or injured in a collision that you may have been involved in can also request to see your license or proof of your license.

If you do not provide satisfactory proof that you have a valid operator’s license, this is considered to be prima facie evidence (accepted as true until proved otherwise) that you have not obtained a driver’s license.

Degree Jail/C.S.* Fines Class 7
Impound Plates
1st or 2nd
Within 3 Years
0-500 hours C.S. $0-1000 No No No No
3rd+ Offense
in 3 Years
M-1 0-180 days $0-1000 No No No No

* C.S. denotes community service. If not specified, it refers to jail time.

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