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Ohio BMV Suspension Fees

Has your Ohio driver's license been suspended? Get your license reinstated through the BMV. Call the Columbus license reinstatement attorneys with LHA at (614) 500-3836. Call LHA at (614) 500-3836.

Per HB 1, the following suspension types will have a $40 reinstatement fee attached to them if they run longer than 89 days or are indefinite at setup time, and either have suspension notice mailing dates of 10/16/09 or later, or in the case of a court action, an offense date of 10/16/09 or later. Reinstatement fees are $30 if dates are 10/01/97 or later and prior to 10/16/09 per HB 210.

Code Suspensions
C5 Out-of-State Drug Offense
DL Disqualification
FR License Cancellation, Fradulent Issuance – CDL
LS Liquor Law
ND NDR Suspension
P1 Probationary Suspension – OVUAC
P2 Probationary Suspension – Two Violations
P3 Probationary Suspension – Three Violations
PD Probationary Suspension – OVI
RV Restriction Violation
SD School Dropout
SP Probationary Revocation
S1 12-Point Suspension
Code Court Actions
C4 Ohio Drug Offense
CV Court Suspension – Major Offense w/o FRA
JS Juvenile Suspension
MN Court Suspension – Minor Offenses
MR Moped Suspension
PR Permanent Revocation
RF Implied Consent
RF Administrative Revocation
SC Court Suspension
SW School Weapons Suspension
UA Underage Alcohol Consumption Suspension

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