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What Is an OVI Charge in Columbus, Ohio?

No driver ever likes to hear the letters “OVI” or “DUI.” Drivers facing an OVI / DUI charge can face steep penalties that extend beyond the courtroom and last far longer than any jail sentence. No matter how you look at it, an OVI / DUI charge in Ohio is a serious offense.

What’s more, defending against the charge can be difficult, overwhelming, and burdensome.

That’s why we at Luftman, Heck & Associates are here to help. One of our professional Columbus DUI attorneys can review your case, discuss any and all legal options, and advocate on your behalf for a fair, justified outcome.

What Is an OVI Charge in Franklin County?

The legal alcohol limit for adults 21 and older in Ohio is .08% BAC while operating a motor vehicle. Refusing to submit to a field sobriety test, or test results above the legal limit, may lead to an OVI / DUI charge. Additionally, test results of .17% BAC or higher may mean harsher penalties.

Furthermore, multiple OVI / DUI offenses within a 10-year period are given less leniency by judges, prosecutors, and other law enforcement officials.

What Are The Potential Penalties for an OVI Charge in Ohio?

Drivers facing their third OVI / DUI charge in a 10-year period, whether after refusing a sobriety test or producing high test results, will be charged with a first-degree misdemeanor. A conviction may bring with it a myriad potential penalties, including the following:

  • Between 60 days and one year in jail (or 15 days in jail and at between 55 days and one year of electronically monitored house arrest)
  • Fines between $850 and $2,750
  • Driver’s license suspended for between three and 10 years
  • Suspended driving privileges for 180 days after the charge
  • Up to five years of probation
  • Mandatory participation in an alcohol or drug addiction treatment program
  • Ignition interlock device installation in the driver’s vehicle

Drivers may face other penalties, as well, that go beyond legal ramifications. Those may include:

What are common defenses that may be employed in such a case?

It can be difficult to defend against any OVI / DUI charge, never mind a driver’s third in 10 years. However, we will conduct a holistic review of your case and pursue one of several strategies for a successful defense. Those may include:

  • Test Review: We will study all field sobriety, breath, blood, and urine tests that were administered, examining each for improper procedures, odd readings, or other circumstances.
  • Legal Rights Violations: A defendant charged with a crime is entitled to certain inalienable legal rights. If those rights were violated at any point leading up to or after the arrest, we will seek to hold law enforcement accountable and work to have the charges dismissed altogether.

Trust the Columbus OVI Charge Attorneys with Luftman, Heck and Associates

An OVI / DUI charge can bring with it devastating consequences, an arduous legal road, and overwhelming difficulties. Make the process easier by working with a skilled Columbus OVI attorney who can review your case, examine the evidence, and fight on your behalf.

The compassionate attorneys with Luftman, Heck & Associates have defended thousands of clients and are happy to offer a complimentary consult to drivers facing an OVI / DUI charge. Email to schedule a free discussion with one of our attorneys today.

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